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Team Futures Rolling Out At Circa Sports


As the football season gets closer, bettors are are looking closer at their futures bets. Yes, they’ll look at the basic things. Who will win the championship? What win totals are best? But some try to look deeper at unique props to bet their teams of choice this season.

Circa Sports has been rolling out more futures bets over the past few weeks towards these bettors. Yes, there are championship, conference, and division winners. And while Circa Sports also has standard win totals, there are also alternate odds for a win total that is higher and lower than the total, to get better juice on the side the bettor wants.

However, for those wanting to dive any deeper into team futures bets, Circa Sports has been releasing props about the top teams in the league. The first of these props are which teams will have the most wins and most losses this season.

Last year, Kansas City and Philadelphia tied for the most wins in the season, each with 14. This year, Kansas City is a favorite to repeat with the most wins. They are followed closely behind by Buffalo, Philadelphia and Cincinnati. Meanwhile, for most losses, while Houston and Chicago each ended up with 14 losses last year, at the bottom of the league, neither team is among the three favorites to end up with the most losses. Arizona is the favorite to end up with the most losses at +305. They are followed by Tampa Bay and Los Angeles (NFC). You can view the entire list below.


Circa Sports futures bets around most NFL wins and losses


Meanwhile, for the bettors looking closer at the schedule, there is a market that is all around who the last undefeated and last winless team will be. The favorite team to remain undefeated also had the longest streak last season. Philadelphia is +650 to be the last one standing without a loss. Their season begins against New England, and then continues against Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Washington and Los Angeles. Cincinnati, Kansas City and San Francisco are among the other favorites.

Meanwhile, Arizona is the favorite to be the last winless team (notice a trend around Arizona?). Tampa Bay and Houston follow closely behind.


Circa Sports lists futures odds for last undefeated and winless NFL teams

For our friends in Illinois who are waiting for Circa Sports Illinois to arrive, the Bears are an interesting watch. The rise of Justin Fields, plus offseason additions like DJ Moore, has put a spotlight on the team. Despite this, their win total is 7.5, and they have the 7th shortest odds to lose the most games (a distinction they earned last year) at +2000.


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