Circa Sports Million Football Contest


Enter in NEVADA. Play from anywhere.

Make 5 NFL picks against the spread each week. Get one point for each correct selection and one-half point for each push.

Submit contest picks in-person or via our app in Nevada, or play from out of state by registering a Nevada-based proxy.





Circa Million IV Pro Football Contest Details

  • $1,000 to enter, 3 entries per person, max.
  • Make 5 NFL picks against the spread each week
  • Get one point for each correct selection and one-half point for each push
  • $1 MILLION first prize and the coveted Blue Jacket
  • OVER $3.5 MILLION in cash prizes for entries 2 through 100 (see below)
  • $300,000 in "Quarter" prizes awarded every 4-5 weeks (see below)
  • $100,000 last place Booby Prize
  • $50,000 for 2nd to Last Place
  • NO RAKE! Any extra entry fees go into the Quarter prize pool

We have two great contests! Visit the Circa Survivor page for complete details.

Registration Details

In Nevada

Visit Circa Resort & Casino, Golden Gate Hotel & Casino, the D Las Vegas, Tuscany Suites & Casino, The Pass at Water Street, or Legends Bay Casino in Sparks to sign up, then submit your picks throughout the season at our sportsbooks or via the Circa Sports app (Nevada app only).

Outside Nevada

All contest signups must be completed in person at one of our Las Vegas locations or our newly opened location in Sparks. Weekly picks can only be submitted from within Nevada, either at our sportsbooks or on our app. 

Proxy Services

Out-of-state residents are eligible to play by registering with a Nevada-based proxy service to submit weekly picks on your behalf. Proxies must be present with the entrant at the time of registration. (See Rule 9 in the Official Contest Rules for more information on using a proxy.)

Registration Deadline

Registration ends at 2 pm on Saturday, September 10 during NFL Week 1. All entrants will also receive THE Circa Millions IV Hat.

Football Contest Weekends

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During the Season

  • Contest point spreads will be posted every Thursday around 10 am, with selections due by 4 pm Saturday. During Thanksgiving week, point spreads will be posted at 10 am Wednesday.
  • Cash prizes will be awarded to the top 100 scores for the season, the top 5 scores within each quarter of the season, the last and 2nd to last place season scores, and the last place score within each quarter of the season.
  • See everyone's picks here and on Twitter @CircaSports each week!

See the Official Contest Rules for all the details.


1st Place$1 MILLION
2nd Place$500,000
3rd Place$400,000
4th Place$350,000
5th Place$300,000
6th Place$250,000
7th Place$200,000
8th Place$150,000
9th Place$100,000
10th Place$90,000
11th-100th Places$1,310,000 Total
Last Place$100,000
2nd to Last Place$50,000


At least $300,000 will be awarded each "quarter" of the season (Weeks 1-4, 5-9, 10-13, and 14-18)!

Quarter 1st Place$150,000
Quarter 2nd Place $60,000
Quarter 3rd Place$40,000
Quarter 4th Place$15,000
Quarter 5th Place$10,000
Last Place Quarter Booby Prize$25,000

These are minimums—any extra entry fees will be added to the 1st place Quarter Prizes.

Regarding a Potentially Shortened Season & Canceled Games

  • The Full Season prizes will be awarded as long as the NFL season lasts through Week 12. This includes the Last Place Booby Prize and 2nd to Last Place Booby Prize which will go to the entries that achieve the lowest and 2nd lowest score among entries that submit 5 selections in every week played.
  • If the season is canceled before Week 12, the Full Season Prizes and Booby Prizes will not be awarded and all contest entry fees will be refunded.
  • The guaranteed Quarter prizes will be awarded in any partially played or completed Quarter, even if the NFL season is later canceled before Week 12 and all entry fees are refunded.
  • If the NFL season is canceled after Week 12 and before Week 13, the weekly contest scores from Week 12 will be used to determine Fourth Quarter winners and prizes. (Week 12 will still also serve as the final week of the Third Quarter.)
  • If the NFL season is suspended, the contest will be suspended until the season resumes, or until 90 days have passed without a regular season NFL game being played. In the latter case the contest will conclude and be graded as if the season has been canceled.
  • Selections in any game that does not have a W-L result by the end of the contest week (Wednesday at 2am PT following the game's originally scheduled time) will be scored as ½ point.
  • If the league awards a win and a loss for a game before the contest week ends and without the game being played (as in the case of a forfeit), selections for the winning team will automatically cover the contest point spread and be scored as 1 point. Selections for the losing team will be scored as 0 points.

2021 Contest Standings & Point Spread Archive