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  • Pick your own squares
  • Squares are available for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quarters and the Final Score
  • Each square has its own payout odds
  • Bet as many squares as you like
  • $1 minimum bet & $100K max payout

Bet Circa Squares® at all 7 Circa Sports locations in Nevada as well as on our mobile apps in Nevada, Colorado, Illinois, and Iowa!


Circa Squares® are based on the same concept as the traditional squares we've all played at big game watch parties. The combination of the last digits of each team's score at the end of each quarter* determines which bettors win. A few things make our squares different:

• Bettors get to choose whichever squares they want.
• Bettors can get as many squares as they like.
• Bettors can choose different squares for different quarters*.
• Each square within each quarter* has its own odds. Combinations that are less likely to occur pay out more than those that are more likely to occur.

Download the PDF or check out the odds for this year's big game below!


Circa Squares® are booked with fixed odds, meaning the odds on your betting ticket are the odds you'll be paid out if you win. The odds from 1/29/24 shown below for reference are subject to change.



Can I get a particular number combination for all four quarters* of the game?

Yes, simply find the combination you want on all four boards and place a bet on each. For example, if you want the combination of 49ERS last digit 4 and CHIEFS last digit 9 for all four quarters* you would place bets on #6550, #6650, #6750, and #6850.

How much does a square cost?

The minimum bet is $1 which gets you one square on one of the quarter* boards. If you want a particular number combination on all four boards, that would cost you $4.

How much do I win if one of my squares wins?

That depends on how much you bet on that square and on the square's odds. The numbers with the plus sign (+) attached are the odds which tell you how much you would profit on a $100 bet. For example, on a $100 winning bet on a square with +7500 odds you would get back your $100 wager plus collect $7,500 in profit. A $1 bet would pay out $75 plus your $1 wager.

Everyone's bets are independent. There's no split pool like traditional squares.

Are the odds listed above the final odds?
The odds above are the odds as of 1/29/24. The odds on some squares may be adjusted as bets come in, but once you place a bet on a square, your odds are locked in. The odds on your ticket are the odds you'll get paid if you win.

Where can I play Circa Squares®?

Circa Squares® are available at all 7 Circa Sports locations in Nevada as well as on our mobile apps in Nevada, ColoradoIllinois, and Iowa!

*Throughout this page we use the term "quarter" to mean each of the four game scores that will determine Circa Squares® winners. The first three are at the end of the 1st Quarter, at the end of the 2nd Quarter, and at the end of the 3rd Quarter. The fourth game score is the Final Score which may not necessarily occur at the end of the 4th Quarter since the game could go to overtime.