Circa Sports Million IV & Survivor Pro Football Contests

The Final Sweat For Survivor and Million

Greetings from the world’s largest sportsbook at Circa Resort and Casino. Today is the final day for sweating out games in both Survivor and Million. I’ll be bringing you all the live action, where some of our contestants will be sweating out their final day of games as they look to bring home the prize. You can find the games that our leaders are on in Million here: Circa-Sports-Million-IV-Week-18-Leader-Selections-1.pdf (


8:24 – Utter jubilation. What little restraint that was left completely disappeared after DJ Chark caught the 4th down pass for a first down. Hugs, jumping. I think I’ve seen some tears. The champagne is being brought out. Congratulations to Chief-3 for the one million dollar win. Congrats to Enut34-1 for a fantastic season and taking it down to the wire.


8:16 – A lateral play when you’re just trying to burn clock?! Brilliant if it works! There’s a lot of praise for Dan Campbell now coming from the group.


8:14 – I can’t repeat most of what’s being shouted right now, but needless to say there’s plenty of excitement.


8:07 – An interception! Nobody is in their seat.  There’s a lot of yelling, some of it nonsensical. I’m pretty sure one of them yelled “Execute Order 66!” which I appreciate as a Star Wars fan, though I’m not totally sure how it works here. Either way, there’s 3:12 left in the game and the Lions lead by 4. Could this be it?


7:58 – The celebration had a false start, but once they officially got in the end zone, the celebration begun in earnest. All of them celebrating in different ways. Yelling, jumping, hugging. They’re starting to feel it here. Lions lead 20-16.  “FINISH THE GAME.”


7:57 – It looked like a touchdown. They celebrated like a touchdown. It wasn’t a touchdown? And now they’re calling a timeout instead of challenging? Very weird few plays here.


7:51 – Lions pass up the field goal, go for it on fourth down and convert! Some big grins coming from the table, but nothing jubilant quite yet.


7:40 – “Have you ever been around a Lions fan during a big Packers game? I know people call it a conspiracy but…I don’t know which is worse the Jameson Williams touchdown [penalty] or that.”


7:38 – Once again, jubilation turns to despondence as it looked like the Lions had a game-changing interception. Illegal hands to the face brings it back and we have some people who aren’t thrilled with the refs.


7:35 – We almost had someone fall to the ground as the Packers fumbled the punt but recovered. Another can no longer take the restraints of this area and has moved over to the slot machines to have a little bit more room to work out his nerves.


7:32 – The mood had been jubilant after the Lions took the lead. Somber isn’t the right word for the mood right now, but it certainly has turned a little more serious as the Packers took the lead. Lots of nervous pacing right now.


7:28 – Allen Lazard catches a touchdown. This contest really is going to come down to the last quarter of the final game of the season to determine a winner. Live line currently sits at Packers -3.5 as the Packers lead 16-13.


7:26 – Christian Watson catches a deep pass and in unison all of them take long swigs of their drinks. Packers are in the Red Zone quickly.


7:18 – An absolute eruption from the crew after that long pass, and even more after Jamaal Williams rushes in for the touchdown. Fist pumps, hugs, the works. I’m pretty sure they’re on the verge of dancing. Lions lead 13-9.


7:16 – “RTDB…Run the damn ball!” as Jamaal Williams runs for a first down.


7:13 – “LET’S GO! LET’S GO! LET’S GOOOOOOOO!” Mason Crosby’s field goal attempt hits the crossbar and bounces back. It’s still 9-6 Packers and the Lions will start on their 43.


7:04 – More heads in hands after the Lions start the half with a 3-and-out. Good punt and punt coverage by the Lions though. This feels like an important drive coming up for the Packers after the way the half ended.


6:47 – Beautiful final play by the Lions to get a few extra yards. Badgley is lining up for the 48 yard field goal and…wow! Personal foul! What a weird situation. Now it’s a 33 yarder, and the Lions cut the lead to 3 at halftime. No celebrations, but some smiles from the table.


6:36 – Hugs and high fives all around as the Lions force the fumble and manage to recover it! Can the Lions cut into the lead before the half?


6:22 – A Lions field goal goes wide. Very little reaction from the table, though one of them did chug his beer in response.




6:16 – Yes! Yes! Yes! No! The emotions flipped just like that. It seemed like the Lions had a long TD, only to be called back for holding. The guys were jumping out of their seats, flying all over the area, and then immediately buried their heads in their hands. Even getting the first down following the penalty didn’t completely mollify the situation, with one person slamming the table in disgust.


6:10 – Another sack! The Lions might force a turnover at some point. Crosby kicks a field goal though, and for the first time tonight the Lions are no longer covering. No big reactions from the table, but just some nods at one another.


5:52 – Lots of calls for a review after that Rodgers sack. Any chance it came out? Or did the crew just want it to come out? Packers kick the field goal, and lead 6-3 with 1:45 left in the first quarter.


5:43 – Lions kick the field goal. A bit of a muted cheer from the Chief-3 table, and then they stand up to take some pictures. This is easily the loosest they’ve been all day.


5:40 – First big celebration of the game as The Lions are able to stop Lazard behind the line of scrimmage on 4th down. Lions now set up with great field position, and you can feel the energy emanating from the table.


5:29 – Some big inhales as it looked like Aaron Rodgers might be able to scramble into the end zone. Lions hold strong however, and force the Packers to kick a field goal. The Chief-3 group is as lively as they’ve been in hours. They no longer have to run scenarios. They can just watch the game and see how it falls.


5:20 – Here we go everyone. Circa Million comes down to the final game of the season. There was some late line movement towards the Lions that excited the Chief-3 group. But now there’s nothing left to do except watch this final game, with $1,000,000 to the winner. Well, nothing to do unless there’s some live betting of course.


4:38 – There is some fascinating hedge talk happening right now. Chief-3 is either getting $1,000,000 or 500K after Sunday Night Football. However, they also might have a chance on the 4th Quarter prize. Lots of figuring out how to play it, and if they have a chance for the 4th quarter.


4:35 – Circa Million comes down to Sunday Night Football. Chief-3 and Enut34-1 are tied for first right now with 60.5 points. Chief-3 has Lions +4.5. Enut34-1 has Packers -4.5. Whoever hits tonight gets first place outright in Circa Million.


4:32 – WE HAVE OUR SURVIVOR WINNERS. Jason Myers kicks a field goal for the Seahawks to win in overtime. Browna and Jed will split $6,133,000. Congratulations on great seasons from both.


4:25 – Rams went for the homerun ball, Seahawks intercept it. Chiefs-3 are running through all the scenarios involving pushes not just in this game but in the Broncos game as well. Jed-4 is still alive. Jed-4 decided to watch in private after coming to Circa yesterday. I can’t imagine how much they’re sweating right now.


4:22 – Seahawks get the ball first. A push is in play. IF they push, there’s a chance we’d see a tie for first. If that happens, the first tiebreaker is total wins during the season. The scenario where two teams finish in first would result in that first tiebreaker still resulting in a tie. The second tiebreaker is how many winning weeks each entry has.


4:16 – “He needs to make this and get this out of here. And you know what, I don’t think he’s making it.” Guess what happened? DOINK! We’re going to overtime. So many ramifications for both Survivor and Million


4:14 – Here we go. A field goal for 3 million dollars for Jed-4.


4:10 – How did the Rams coverage team not down that punt? Lots of people here with hands on their head. A Seahawks game winning field goal drive would be good for both Chief-3 and Jed-4. A long touchdown drive? Not so much. And there’s a huge run by Geno Smith AND a personal foul. Oh boy…


4:02 – Jason Myers kicks a short field goal after a tremendous stand by the Rams defense. Are you telling me that Survivor could come down to a 2-point conversion and overtime?!


3:59 – Unbelievable tackle by Jalen Ramsey to save a touchdown! That’s the most emotion I’ve seen from the Chief-3 group in a while as they cheered it.


3:56 – Huge fourth down conversion for the Seahawks there. As they drove down the field, I started to wonder how a push could impact the standings (let’s say it goes to OT and the Seahawks get the touchdown). A push in this game and a Lions win would create a tie for first place in the standings. But, no use thinking a lot about that until we get to that point. Jed-4 is also sweating this as the Seahawks get inside the 5.


3:48 – Was that really running into the punter? He got blocked into the punter. The Chief-3 guys certainly don’t seem to agree with that call and the Seahawks have some life on this drive.


3:46 – A big ooooh went up in the Sportsbook after the Broncos forced a fumble after a long catch and run to DeAndre Carter. It’s not necessarily relevant to the teams in contention for first, but several people who could get top 5 do have the Broncos -3. Also…why are the Chargers starters still in the game?


3:38 – The guys are gearing up for the final push. Just had food delivered to make sure they get through the night. I’ve also had it confirmed…nerves have taken over any other emotion. Rams still lead by 3.


3:26 – Geno Smith throws an interception! I think the guys are a little too nervous at this point to truly celebrate right now, but they clapped.


3:21 – Points are what matters now. Some slight claps as Baker just throws it away, not forcing a turnover or a sack. Rams kick the field goal to make it 16-13 with 4:13 left in the 3rd. The Chief-3 guys are also pouring through the standings, figuring out exactly where they could end up, and going through all the hedging scenarios.


3:11 – Kenneth Walker has driven a lot of defensive coordinators crazy. Chief-3 is feeling that same frustration as Kenneth Walker gashes the Rams. And now Geno Smith connects with Tyler Lockett on a deep touchdown! We’re tied at 13. Jed-4 must be incredibly excited in Survivor, while the guys of Chief-3 are just repeating that it’s ok because they have the +6.


2:55 – We’re focusing so much on Million, we also have to remember that we have a situation where we could have one person win the entire $6,133,000 in Circa Survivor. Browna-4 completed a perfect season yesterday with the Jaguars’ win. Jed-4 has the Seahawks right now. If the current score holds and the Rams win, Browna-4 will be the sole survivor.


2:40- Some fist pumps that would make Tiger Woods proud as Tutu Atwell takes the end around to the end zone for the Rams. Rams now are likely to take a 13-6 lead into halftime, and the line was Rams +6.


2:25 – The highs and lows in one play. Almost a pick-six for the Rams, and the defender drops it. The group was ready to celebrate and instead were left hitting the table

2:18 – Tensions are high watching this Seahawks/Rams game. One of the bigger negative explosions we’ve heard today just occurred when the Rams couldn’t down a punt before it bounced into the end zone. Every play is bigger as we get to this point in the contest.


2:11 – Really we’re just focusing on the Rams/Seahawks game, as that’s the only game in this block that impacts who comes in first. However, there’s still a lot to be determined when it comes to positioning around the top 10. A couple of contestants in the top 10 have Broncos -3, and the Chargers just took a 14-7 lead on a Gerald Everett TD.


2:03 – “LINGER! LINGER! LINGER! JUST LINGER AROUND!” That’s the call from one of the Chiefs-3 members as the Rams kick a field goal to make it 6-6.


1:48 – There’s been some calm as the games transition. All eyes are on the Seahawks and Rams. A few of the Chief-3 members are starting to do the math to figure out the worst they can finish, while of course hoping the Rams cover.


1:27 – I just sat down and did some math with Chiefs-3. It looks like there are three people still in contention for getting first place in Million.
Enut34-1 currently sits in the driver’s seat with 60.5 points and has Packers -4.5.
Sean 1923-2 has 60 points and has Lions +4.5
Chief-3 has 59.5 points and has Rams +6 and Lions +4.5


1:22 PM – The Chief-3 guys are busy doing the math. This last drive for the Ravens is big. If the Bengals cover, Chiefs-3 will still be alive for first place. Several of the teams at the top of the standings also have the Bengals. Lots of pacing and wondering why the Ravens aren’t just kneeling the ball at this point.


1:11 PM – It’s over. The Colts lose.  One more contender is out for Survivor. It guarantees Browna-1 3 million dollars. If the Seahawks lose, we could have a single winner. I have to give a lot of credit to The Enemy Within for his stoicism over the last few minutes. It is probably some shock as well. Derek Stevens has walked over to talk to him and all anyone can do is shake their head.


1:03 PM – The 2 point conversion is good. It’s not quite over yet though. 50 seconds still left on the clock and the Colts have 2 timeouts. Head shakes over at the Enemy Within table, but not much more than that


1:01 PM – Disaster. 4th and 20. It should have been over. Missed sack. Missed deflection. Goes right into Jordan Akins hands. And now the Texans are going for 2. A 2 point conversion for 2 million dollars.


12:56 – 4th and 12. It was almost over. Cooks catches a ball inside the Red Zone. This is the definition of THE SWEAT IS REAL.


12:52 – 2 minutes left, and The Enemy Within has gotten notably nervous. The Texans have crossed midfield. Don’t forget, guaranteed 2+ million if the Colts win. It could be 3+ million.


12:46 – The Chief-3 group has largely been quiet as the morning games come to a conclusion. But they all cheered after the Panthers kicked a game-winning field goal? Why does that matter? Enut34-1 had Saints -3.5. Despite the Steelers/Browns game not going Chiefs-3 way right now, that loss for Enut keeps everything close.


12:44 – Caleb McLaughlin kicks a 54-yard field goal for the Colts. 3:33 left in the game. Colts lead by 7. Claps, smiles,  The Enemy Within looks like he’s letting him feel it a little. Still some tension on his face, but he looks happy, especially after stopping the Texans after a short kickoff return.


12:28 PM – Cheers and claps from everyone around this area as the Colts take the lead over the Texans! Enemy Within allowed a big smile on his face for a little bit, but quickly went back to the sweat. He’s starting to let the nerves show now that he’s less than a quarter away from millions of dollars.

12:14 PM – EASILY the most emotion shown all day from The Enemy Within! Rodney McLeod Jr picks off Davis Mills and returns it for a touchdown! 24-21 Texans with 52 seconds left in the 3rd quarter. The Colts are alive, The Enemy Within is alive and he’s perked up a lot over at his table.

12:05 PM – Two bad results for the contestants with us at Circa. First, Najee Harris ran in a touchdown to put the Steelers up 20-7. If the Steelers win and cover, Enut34-1 could find themselves in phenomenal position to win Million after the early set of games. Then, just seconds later, Jordan Akins caught a touchdown for the Texans to put Houston up 24-14. Time is running out on The Enemy Within…though he continues to remain stoic at his table.

12:01 PM – It’s not necessarily the deciding game, but it can’t be overstated how important this Browns/Steelers game is to the Million contest. The guys at Chiefs-3 know this, and were distraught at their table after Deshaun Watson threw another interception. On, who has been standing most of the day, just doubled over in disappointment.

11:58 AM – What a run for Zack Moss! He breaks several tackles, finds the end zone, and The Enemy Within jumps up and claps. Extra point is good, and the Texans lead 17-14.

11:53 AM – Steelers kick a field goal to go up 13-7. The pacing begins for some of the guys of Chiefs-3.

11:43 AM – Once again the Colts falter in the Red Zone. Colts stalled inside the 10, and kicked a field goal from the 6. However, encroachment was called and the Colts went for it from the 3. Incomplete, and the Colts remain down 17-7. The Enemy Within can only shake his head.


11:36 AM – Just spoke to The Enemy Within at halftime of the Texans/Colts game. He’s still hopeful, as the Colts moved the ball well, but just turned it over. I also reminded him of the last time Lovie Smith had a chance to get the first pick, back in 2014, and the Buccaneers had a big lead at halftime and rolled over in the second half. Great start to the half for the Colts who are already in Texans territory!


11:25 AM – Steelers got a field goal after that turnover, and are now covering the 2.5 points spread. Just heard at Circa: “I’m more afraid of the Browns turning the ball over than them scoring before the half.”


11:18 AM – The guys of Chiefs-3 just all started shaking their heads as Deshaun Watson threw an interception. All of a sudden the Steelers will have a chance to take the lead before halftime.

11:14 AM – George Pickens just caught a touchdown to tie the game at 7. The Steelers/Browns game is one of the biggest of the day for Million. Of the top 5 in the standings currently, 3 are on Browns +2.5, 1 is on Steelers -2.5.

11:12 AM – Blaine Gabbert is in for Tom Brady in the Falcons/Buccaneers game. Enut34-1, our current Million leader, has Bucs +4


11:08 AM – If any of you are interested in following the guys behind Chiefs-3 on Twitter, you can find them at:



11:02 – Just a reminder about the Million scores on the site. Those have already been updated with yesterday’s results. So even though Look Ma No Hands is tied for first, that entry has also already used two of their picks this weekend.


10:51 AM – Disaster strikes. Sam Ehlinger throws an interception and Jonathan Greenard returns it for a touchdown. 17-7 Texans with 10:30 left in the second quarter. The guys from Chief-3 went over to Enemy Within to show their support.


10:48 AM – Big play for the Colts! They force a fumble as the Texans seem to be on the verge of tacking on to their lead. This is the first time we’ve had some major reaction out of The Enemy Within, as he jumped up and started clapping. Colts now have good field position and could look to tie or take the lead on this drive.

10:28 AM – The Colts scored a touchdown! Michael Pittman gets in! No big reaction from The Enemy Within, as he’s remaining fairly stoic through all this, but the Colts are down just 10-7 now.

10:25 AM – The games we’re paying close attention to for Million in the early session are Jets/Dolphins, Browns/Steelers, Bengals/Steelers and Buccaneers/Falcons

10:19 AM – The Steelers just fumbled and the Browns recovered. The Chief-3 crew got excited for the first time today, as they have Browns +2.5. The other early games they have are Dolphins +1 and Bengals +7.5

10:14 AM – The Enemy Within just had a noticeable grimace as the Texans kicked a field goal to go up 10-0. He’s survived bigger deficits to this point, so it’s still early.


10:00 AM – The Enemy Within, who has the Colts in Survivor, as well as Chief-3, who is currently in third in Million after yesterday’s results, both are here to sweat it with Derek Stevens and the rest of the Circa crew.