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Pro Football Player in NFL Championship Game

Week Two In Circa Survivor and Million

By Aaron Oster | Sep 17, 2023

It’s week two of the season! And once again we’ll bring you the live look at the various plays in Circa Survivor. This week, we have one team dominating the picks. Buffalo has 40.3% of the picks, with New York at 17.8%   10:09 AM – Early worry for Buffalo. Las Vegas marched downfield and immediately scored for Las Vegas. Obviously early, but not what the 40.3% wanted to see early.   10:16 AM – While the 5th highest pick is a much smaller percentage than last week, 4.8% are on Detroit. Seattle scored on their first drive, as Kenneth…

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Betting Advice From The Circa Football Season Preview

By Aaron Oster | Sep 6, 2023

At Circa’s Ultimate Contest Weekend, VP of Operations Mike Palm brought together a panel of football and gambling experts to help preview the upcoming season. They discussed strategies for both contests and gambling in general, and also got their opinions on aspects of the season. The panelists were: Wes Reynolds: VSiN Host and prior contest winner in Vegas Eric Eager: VP at SumerSports. Previously was at Pro Football Focus Mike Somich: VSiN Host Dylan Sullivan: Risk manager at Circa Sports For those interested, you can watch the entire panel here. Here are some of the highlights from the panel.  …

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Setting the NFL Draft Odds at Circa Sports

By Aaron Oster | Apr 27, 2023

With most betting markets, there’s a perception that sportsbooks oddsmakers simply know more. They have models, or they’re the first to get information. They dictate the market, and the old saying that it’s impossible to beat the house gets repeated over and over. Whether or not that’s true in general can be debated for sure. One time a year where it certainly isn’t true, however, is for the NFL Draft.   Setting the NFL Draft Markets   Nick Bogdanovich was in charge of setting the draft markets for Circa Sports this year. Bogdanovich, a veteran of the industry for nearly…

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